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Apex Practice London

Help with depression and anxiety with empowering treatment and therapy from The Apex Practice in Harley Street, London

Because of its complexity, it is important to deal with depression in an individual and well-structured way

Depression, anxiety and emotional distress can affect every aspect of your life.

Depression can be the cause of problems with your health, relationships and well-being or it can be the result of these problems too. Whatever you have read, whatever you have been told, no matter how many times you have been ignored, we will listen and hear what you have to say. Our team at The Apex Practice are here to help you find your real self again and bring the lightness back to your life.

15 minutes to change your life, call 0207 467 8536 for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you


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15 minutes to change your life, call for a free initial telephone assessment and find out how we can help you 0207 467 8536

Dealing with depression

Here at The Apex Practice in Harley Street, London we have been helping people overcome depression for many years. Our proven methods have been helping clients from all walks of life to find a better and more natural balance. We provide tools, resources and support to help you deal with depression in a proactive and positive way. Our unique approaches are structured around your individual circumstances. This helps to get a deeper understanding of the causes behind your depression. We don't just deal with the symptoms, our in-depth understanding and accredited techniques create a lasting difference to your life. This structured approach is part of a bigger strategy to help you conquer depression once and for all.Click here for a
free consultation

Coping with anxiety

Anxiety can really get in the way of many life situations. From social anxiety disorders to panic attacks, post traumatic stress or phobia, the symptoms of anxiety can vary considerably from person to person and this is exactly why our clients are always treated as individuals. There is simply too many variables to what causes anxiety to treat each case with the same method. We understand just how much anxiety can impact on your life so we look to investigate the root causes of anxiety in order to structure a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to help you. Click here for a
free consultation

Dealing with chronic pain and ongoing health issues

With our clinically proven therapies and ground-breaking technology, we’ll help you defeat the pain that’s holding you back Click here to find out more

Counseling for all types of personal problems

Our counseling services can help you overcome relationship problems with your partner, significant other, family or professional relationships. Click here to find out more

Alpha Wave Stimulator

A revolution in the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain. Now introduced to the UK after 30 years of proven clinical success in the USA. Click here to find out more

It’s time to break free from anxiety and depression and lead the life you want. Call now for your free initial telephone assessment 0207 467 8536