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Apex Practice London

Counselling and psychotherapy for psycho-sexual problems from The Apex Practice in Harley Street, London

Counselling and Psychotherapy from The Apex Practice in London

Sometimes you can find yourself going round in circles looking for the most suitable and effective treatments. When it comes to psychological problems, habits and phobias, sometimes it can be best to get to the root of the problem through guided conversation with a professional counsellor.

Our counselling services are based on many years of experience in helping our clients to resolve a variety of issues through meaningful conversation. This type of talking therapy opens up new possibilities and strategies on how to effectively manage your reactions that occur in certain situations and what the real trigger factors are.

Why is counselling important?

Many ailments and disorders of the body and mind can be interlinked with other symptoms too. This can be a reaction to or the result of a problem. For example, chronic pain can and often is directly linked to depression, anxiety and insomnia. Stress in the work place can also give rise to low self esteem or a lack of confidence which in turn can affect relatonships. These problems may also be the cause of sexual dysfunction and eating disorders too.

If you are having problems with conception our structured 'Conscious Conception Programme' may be able to help you with unexplained infertility, this psychological approach realises that it is not always just the physical aspect that can hinder efforts to conceive.

There are so many different combinations of issues that can be a cause or reaction that the only true way of getting to the root or base of the problem is through comprehensive counselling and psychotherapy.

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Our experienced counselors and therapists can help you break through the psycho-sexual problems you are facing and find a lasting resolve. 0207 467 8536